- About Unlimited -

Unlimited Removal & Demolition has been around for about 16 years. We started off with just one van and three employees. These employees were dedicated to the job and began creating the backbone to this company. They would work seven days a week if that is what had to be done and 12-16 hour days. They made Unlimited grow as each year past. As we became more and more established, Unlimited started to buy trucks and all types of equipment. As was to be expected, Unlimited was no longer just doing residential jobs but we began to be contracted for commercial jobs which included interior demolitions, removal of commercial boilers and the removal of underground tanks. Unlimited pushed on and continued to grow its’ cliental and buy new equipment, that way expanding from not only doing heating, interior demolition jobs but now Unlimited got into tearing down single, multi-family homes and buildings.

As the years past, when most heating companies would slow down because of the summer, Unlimited continued to have work because the company expanded its’ capacities and skills to the maximum. We have always tried to keep up with the best equipment and manpower. We train our new employees as if the company depended on it.